Reference librarians provide consultations in information synthesis and management to individuals and groups.

This service is available by appointment to HMS, HSPH and HSDM students, faculty, and staff, as well as Fellows of the Boston Medical Library.

Reference librarians offer guidance and their unique expertise in identifying, extracting, and analyzing information while preparing a grant proposal, conducting a systematic review, writing a thesis or a term paper.

In the course of a consultation, a librarian will work with the requestor on the following research steps:

  1. Defining an appropriate research question and terminology
  2. Selecting appropriate print and electronic information sources and tools
  3. Designing a search strategy to ensure retrieval of all potentially relevant information
  4. Staying current with the literature throughout the research project
  5. Developing rigorous, non-biased methods of information extraction and analyses
  6. Identifying background information to place the findings in context.
  7. Consultation requests are accepted in person, by phone or by e-mail.

For a consultation request please complete the Ask-A-Librarian form
For a mediated search request please complete the Mediated Search form

We look forward to providing you with one-on-one attention and assistance!