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Holmes Hall Reading Room

Holmes Hall Reading Room Rules and Procedures

Please read the accompanying Holmes Hall Policies and Procedures to familiarize yourself with some of the regulations in effect.

For preservation and security purposes, however, readers are requested to observe the following policies and procedures when conducting research in Holmes Hall.  These policies and procedures have been established to provide access to the collections while ensuring their careful preservation.

Readers are asked to review these policies and procedures before beginning work in Holmes Hall.

  • New readers should register at the Reference Desk, providing valid photographic identification and completing a registration form to the staff member in attendance.  We request all readers to update their information at the beginning of each academic year.
  • Readers may bring into Holmes Hall only materials for note-taking.  Secure lockers are available for coats, briefcases, handbags, and all other personal property.
  • Readers must use pencils rather than pens when taking notes; pencils are available at the Reference Desk.  Personal computers are permitted.
  • Readers are requested to fill out call slips, using one slip for each item; consecutively numbered items may be ordered on the same slip.
  • Requests from the stacks should not be made after 4:30pm.
  • Books, manuscripts, prints and photographs, and all other materials may be consulted only in Holmes Hall.  Readers are responsible for all items charged out to them until returned to the Reference Desk.  Items to be used for more than one day may be reserved by special arrangement.
  • All materials must be handled with great care.  Nothing should be placed on top of a book or manuscript except the book weights available at the Reference Desk.  Readers may be asked to wear gloves when consulting photographic materials or certain other items.
  • Material should be laid flat on the table or used with the book cradles provided; no material should be resting on the table's edge, on a book, or in one's lap.
  • Manuscript and archival materials should be kept in order.  No marks or annotations should be added or erased.  No tracings or rubbings may be made.  Readers should not attempt to open uncut pages; books with uncut pages should be taken to the Reference Desk.
  • Books, manuscripts, and other material should be returned to the Reference Desk at 4:45pm or when an announcement is made that the Reading Room is closing.
  • The use of personal digital cameras in Holmes Hall may be permitted under certain circumstances; please consult with a member of the staff about this option in advance of your research visit.  Facilities for photoduplication are available in the Reading Room.  A copy of our photoduplication policy is available on the library's website.
  • No food or drink is permitted in Holmes Hall.

Thank you for acquainting yourself with these reading room policies and procedures.  Please do not hesitate to seek additional information or assistance from the Center staff at any time.