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About John Collins Warren

Born in Boston on August 1, 1778. John Collins Warren was the son of John Warren, a surgeon and one of the founders of Harvard Medical School. After graduating valedictorian from Harvard College in 1797, John Collins Warren began studying medicine under his father, and then in Europe from 1799-1802. From 1809-1847, Warren taught Anatomy and Surgery at Harvard Medical School, first as an adjunct professor, and then consecutively as a full professor, professor emeritus, and dean. He was a founder of the New England Journal of Medicine and was a surgeon at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he performed the first public demonstration of ether anesthesia in 1846. He was active in the Temperance Movement, serving as President of the Massachusetts Temperance Society from 1827-1856, and contributing $10,000 to the cause in his will. An active member in local agricultural and natural history organizations, Warren contributed many paleontological and geological specimens to Harvard in addition to his anatomy collection. He died in Boston, May 4, 1856.floor.