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RSS Feeds are available in My DL

You can now use My DL to see the latest papers published in your favorite journals and go directly to the full text from the My DL feed.  Follow these directions to set up your feeds:

1.  Sign in to My DL

2. If you have not already done so, click on the link in the statement "Please go HERE to search for and add resources" and choose the journals you would like have linked in My DL and to see RSS feeds from.  Once you have selected your preferred journals, return to the My DL page.

3. If feeds are available for your selected journals you can see the feed by clicking on the link in the statement:
" = RSS/Atom feed available [ please go HERE to view your selected feeds ]".

Currently we are unable to provide feeds for most of the journals published by Elsevier.  We are in the process of adding new feeds to our ejournals list.  If you do not see a feed associated with your favorite journal you can let us know to add it to the priority list by leaving a comment at the Ask a Librarian page. (Choose "Research Inquiry" or "Comment on this Website" from the dropdown menu.)

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