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Setting up Papers at Harvard

To set up Papers 2, use this page instead.

To get the most out of using Papers at Havard Medical School, you'll need to enable it to work with the Harvard proxy server.  From Papers Preferences choose the Sources tab and:

  1. Set the Authentication URL to:


    Check the "Got to this page..." box so you can authenticate with an eCommons account or HU PIN when you start Papers.

  2. Set the Library Proxy to:


    Close preferences and restart Papers.  Note that the example address Paper's uses is an obsolete Harvard proxy address.  Use the one given above instead.

  3. Finally, if you will be using Web of Science, you need to modify a support file called gatewayurl.txt. which is found in the following path:

       Users/username/Library/Application Support/Papers/PlugIns/SearchEngines  /WOSSearchEngine.searchengine/Contents/Resources/

    Open this file and replace the single text line with this one (make sure there are no line breaks in the string or at the end):


    Or, you can replace the existing gatewayurl.txt file with this one .
For documents from some vendors, or if you forget to authenticate when you start your Papers session, you may need to launch the Login/Authenticate command, which is found under the View menu.

Countway Reference if you have problems getting it working. Harvard does not license Papers and has no purchasing arrangement with mekentosj.com.

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