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The Gift of Experience

The Gift of Experience (2004-2005):  oral histories of men living with hemophilia, physicians and health care workers in the field. During the course of their lives, these men experienced many changes in medicine and society, including the contamination of the blood supply with HIV.

It is a collection of oral history interviews with men 40 years and older who are patients at the Boston Hemophilia Center and who have the diagnosis of factor VIII deficiency (hemophilia A) or factor IX deficiency (hemophilia B). The collection also includes interviews with caregivers. A total of 21 patients were interviewed; some of the interviews are restricted and will be released no later than 2025.


  • Roy Arruda    pdf  mp3
  • Avida (Pseudonym)   pdf                            
  • Wendell Bourne    pdf     mp3           
  • Clifford Deschenes    pdf    mp3           
  • Michael Donovan    pdf  mp3          
  • Michael Dowling     pdf   mp3         
  • Jeryl Drummey    pdf     mp3                      
  • Andrew Flagg (Pseudonym)    pdf    
  • Theodore Frost    pdf    mp3 
  • Robert Jarratt    pdf     mp3                                    
  • Christopher Kucinski    pdf     mp3                   
  • David Lepage    pdf   mp3                        
  • William Lynch    pdf     mp3                      
  • James Martinowsky (Pseudonym)    pdf
  • Robert Massie    pdf    mp3 1   mp3 2
  • Stephen Place    pdf   mp3                          
  • Williams Somers    pdf     mp3                         
  • Francis Story    pdf    mp3                         
  • Matthew Vieira    pdf     mp3                          

Archives for Women in Medicine (1984-2004)

Joint Committee on the Status of Women Oral History Collection

Watch the oral histories online

» Visit the Oral History Portal to watch the videos

The Women in Medicine Oral Histories are part of an ongoing initiative of the Joint Committee on the Status of Women to document the experiences of women in the Harvard Medical community, in their own words, and to capture data about the history and development of this community.

The online Women in Medicine Oral History Portal was created by the Archives for Women in Medicine in celebration of the JCSW's 35th Anniversary in 2008. At this portal, you can freely download or stream oral history videos from the 1980s through the present, and hear these luminaries discuss their lives and careers, including their research, how they've balanced work and family life, what inspired them to enter the medical field, their relationships with mentors, and the challenges and triumphs they've experienced as women in medicine.

Oral history project, Joint Committee on the Status of Women, 1982-1983 Oral history project, Joint Committee on the Status of Women, 2005-2008

*Viewing requires a video player such as Quicktime, Realplayer or VLC (all are free to download on the web).

"On Being a Woman in Medicine" Panel and Discussion

Watch the panel »

Panel and discussion from the event, Changing the Face of Medicine: Celebrating America’s Women Physicians, March 23, 2006. This program tells the extraordinary story of how American women wishing to practice medicine have struggled over the past two centuries to gain access to medical education and to work in the medical specialty they chose, and celebrates their experiences, leadership, and accomplishments. Panel members discuss critical decisions they have made, challenges they have faced, and of what they are most proud.


  • Eleanor G. Shore, M.D., MPH, Harvard Medical School


  • Paula A. Johnson, M.D., Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Lynne M. Reid, M.D., Children's Hospital
  • Patricia Donahoe, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Joan Whitten Miller, M.D., Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary
  • May Pian-Smith, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Maureen Connelly, M.D., Harvard Medical School

Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics

Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics (1494-1948): a collection of digitized books, manuscripts, pamphlets, and images drawn from the holdings of the Center for the History of Medicine and nine other Harvard Libraries.

Contagion covers a broad range of topics and eras, and explores several “disease episodes”, including epidemics of syphilis, cholera, plague, yellow fever, influenza, and smallpox. The scientific, historical, and social forces behind the development of contagion theory and modern epidemiology are documented through an enormous variety of primary sources. Contagion was produced by Harvard University Library’s Open Collections Program. Materials can be searched or browsed at http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu/contagion/.

Countway Library’s holdings comprise a large part of the project. Some 1900 titles were digitized: approximately 1129 from the general collection, and about 800 from the Center for the History of Medicine, including 30 incunabula (15th-century printed books), portions of several manuscript collections, and 130 late 18th- and early 19th -century satirical medical illustrations.

Highlights from Countway’s historical collections include

The Countway staff members who contributed to the project are Jack Eckert (Public Services Librarian in the Center for the History of Medicine), Lucretia McClure (Special Assistant to the Countway Library Director), and Joan Thomas (Rare Book Cataloger).

The Open Collections Program provides digitized historical, social, and cultural resources for students and teachers regardless of academic affiliation. The program was established in 2002 with the help of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation; Contagion was developed with funding from Arcadia.

About the Digital Collections


The audio and video records and transcripts included here are drawn from the holdings of the Center for the History of Medicine. For more information about related records and other Center holdings, please contact the Center’s public services staff.

Copyright and Permission

All materials on this site are copyrighted. Records are made freely available for education, personal study and reflection. No other rights are extended for copying and/or publishing.

Requests for permission to publish quotations in any form should be addressed to the Center’s public services staff and should include identification of the specific passages to be quoted, anticipated use of the passages, and identification of the user. For more information, please refer to the Center’s Permission to Publish policy.

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