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Quick Calls

Information resources (finding articles and books): 617.432.2136
Research questions: 617.432.2134
Access and circulation (getting in, overdue books, fines): 617.432.2136
Countway Hotline (hours, special closings): 617.432.4888

Staff Directory

Public and Access Services | Director's Office | Center for the History of Medicine | Collection Services |
Informatics | Reference and Education Services

Phone FAX Email
Public and Access Services 617.432.2136 617.432.4739 Email Countway Access Services
Circulation, Privileges, & Reserves 617.432.2136 617.432.4739 Email Circulation, Privileges, & Reserves
Ashley Sway
Access Services Manager
617.432.1206 617.432.4739 Email Ashley Sway
Michael Mellor
Access and Reference Assistant 617.432.7209 617.432.4739 Email Michael Mellor
Erika Nosike Access and Reference Assistant 617.432.4362 617.432.4739 Email Erika Nosike
Keith Pierce Access and Reference Assistant 617.432.5582 617.432.4739 Email Keith Pierce
Beth Carey
Access and Reference Assistant 617.432.2136 617.432.4739 Email Beth Carey
Document Delivery 617.432.2631 617.432.1833 Email Document Delivery
Richard Wainford ILL/Document Delivery Coordinator 617.432.0159 617.432.1833 Email Richard Wainford
Position open Library Assistant 617.432.2129 617.432.1833
Amanda Page Library Assistant 617.432.1126 617.432.1833 Email Amanda Page
Reference and Education Services 617.432.2134

David Osterbur Director of Public and Access Services 617.432.2636 617.432.0693 Email David Osterbur
Paul Bain Reference and Education Services Librarian 617.432.3236 617.432.0693 Email Paul Bain
Reddy Gali Bioinformatics Support Specialist 617.432.7471 617.432.0693 Email Reddy Gali
P. Scott Lapinski Digital Resource and Services Librarian 617.432.6784 617.432.0693 Email Scott Lapinski
Carol Mita Reference and Education Services Librarian 617.432.4183 617.432.0693 Email Carol Mita
Julia Whelan Reference and Education Services Librarian 617.432.2632 617.432.0693 Email Julia Whelan
Boston Medical Library branch at the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS)

Boston Medical Library Branch Library at MMS
Director's Office 617.432.2144 617.432.0693 Email Countway Administration
Isaac Kohane Director 617.432.2144 617.432.0693 Email Isaac Kohane
Alexa T. McCray Associate Director 617.432.2144
617.432.0693 Email Alexa T. McCray
Eric Perakslis Executive Director of Administration 617.432.1749 617.432.0693 Email Eric Perakslis
Sunny Alvear Finance Manager 617.432.3295 617.432.0693 Email Sunny Alvear
Elizabeth Bueso Financial Assistant 617.432.2152 617.432.0693 Email Elizabeth Bueso
Katherine Flannery
Program Manager
617.432.0693 Email Katherine Flannery
Barbara Martin
Executive Assistant
617.432.2144 617.432.0693 Email Barbara Martin
Fatima Ibnouzekri Financial Associate / Grants Manager 617.432.7504 617.432.0693 Email Fatima Ibnouzekri
Position Open
Senior Grants / Research Administrator

Rosalyn Vogel Administrative Assistant 617.432.4807 617.432.0693 Email Rosalyn Vogel
Aimee Doe
Academic Coordinator
617.432.1254 617.432.0693 Email Aimee Doe
Marisa DiSarno
Academic Coordinator
617.432.1175 617.432.0693 Email Marisa DiSarno
Center for the History of Medicine 617.432.2170 617.432.4737 Email the Center for the History of Medicine
Scott Podolsky Director of Center for the History of Medicine 617.432.4142 617.432.4737 Email Scott Podolsky
Kathryn Hammond Baker Deputy Director
617.432.6205 617.432.4737 Email Kathryn Hammond Baker
Kimberly Allegretto Museum Collections Assistant
617.432.5583 617.432.4737 Email Kimberly Allegretto
Meghan Bannon
Processing Archivist
617.432.7395 617.432.4737 Email Meghan Bannon
Hanna Clutterbuck Processing Assistant 617.432.7393 617.432.4737 Email Hanna Clutterbuck
Dominic Hall
Curator, Warren Anatomical Museum
Email Dominic Hall
Jack Eckert Public Services Librarian 617.432.6207 617.432.4737 Email Jack Eckert
Emily Gustainis Head, Collections Services
617.432.7702 617.432.4737 Email Emily Gustainis
Nancy Luger Museum Collections Assistant
617.432.5583 617.432.4737 Email Nancy Luger
Position Open
Acquisitions Archivist 617.432.6206 617.432.4737
Jessica Murphy Reference Archivist 617.432.6209 617.432.4737 Email Jessica Murphy
Cathy Pate
Archivist, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Email Cathy Pate
Joan Thomas Rare Books Cataloger 617.432.2667 617.432.4737 Email Joan Thomas
Bryan Sutherland Processing Archivist 617.432.6769
Email Bryan Sutherland
Darla White Records Manager 617.432.6194 617.432.4737 Email Darla White
Heather Cristiano Records Management Assistant 617.432.6193 617.432.4737 Email Heather Cristiano
Amber LaFountain Processing Archivist 617.432.1324 617.432.4737 Email Amber LaFountain
Carolyn Hayes Processing Assistant
617.432.4737 Email Carolyn Hayes
Andra Langoussis Processing Assistant
617.432.4737 Email Andra Langoussis
Katherine Mika Processing Assistant
617.432.4737 Email Katherine Mika
Collections and Knowledge Management
617.432.0693 Email Collections and Knowledge Management
Elizabeth Eggleston Director of Collections and Knowledge Management 617.432.4147 617.432.2237 Email Elizabeth Eggleston
Sara Baker
Library Assistant 617.432.2155
617.432.2237 Email Sara Baker
Jessica Colcord Library Assistant 617.432.5794 617.432.2237 Email Jessica Colcord
Karen Grant Library Assistant/Cataloging 617.432.2234 617.432.2237 Email Karen Grant
Julia Bald
Library Assistant 617.432.4362 617.432.2237 Email Julia Bald
Richard Pendleton Library Assistant/Serials 617.432.1228 617.432.2237 Email Richard Pendleton
Juliane Schneider
Metadata Librarian 617.432.7522 617.432.2237
Email Juliane Schneider
Natsumi Shimbori
Library Assistant
Email Natsumi Shimbori
Bob Threlkeld Digital Resources Librarian 617.432.0546 617.432.2237 Email Bob Threlkeld
Susan Tournas Conservation Technician 617.432.0150 617.432.2237 Email Susan Tournas
Min Yang Cataloging Coordinator 617.432.0813 617.432.2237 Email Min Yang
Informatics Technology

Doug MacFadden
Director, Informatics Technology 617.432.2213
617.432.0693 Email Doug MacFadden
Jonathan Kennedy
Senior Software Engineer
617.432.0693 Email Jonathan Kennedy
Halip Saifi Web Applications Developer 617.432.6860 617.432.0693 Email Halip Saifi
CBMI - Center for Biomedical Informatics

CBMI Directory

IT Support

Judy Sclarsky IT Support Associate 617.432.5719 617.432.0693 Email Judy Sclarsky
Matthew Underwood IT Support Associate 617.432.4384 617.432.0693 Email Matthew Underwood

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