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Document Delivery for the General Public

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About Loansome Doc:

  • If you or your company is not affiliated with Harvard and you wish to access articles from the Harvard Medical School's Countway Library collection, you may want to use the Loansome Doc document delivery service. 

*Note: If you are affiliated with any other library at your place of work, or community, ask them about their interlibrary loan services. 

  • Loansome Doc is a National Library of Medicine document delivery service that allows members of the public timely access to medical articles. This service allows members to easily order articles through PUBMED.
  • Requests will be filled from the Countway Library collection and delivered by email, fax, mail or will be held at Countway Library for pickup.  Please keep in mind that this is not a rush service. 

Registering for a Loansome Doc Account:

  • Visit the NLM's Loansome Doc registration page:
  • Click on SIGN UP and get started.
  • Enter MAUHMS as your library identifier or LIBID. Note that MAUHMS applies to Countway Library.
  • Choose your AFFILIATION.
  • Agree to the TERMS of USE by clicking on the box at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your PERSONAL INFORMATION. Be sure to select your preferred delivery method and max cost.
  • VERIFY your information.
  • Complete your registration.

Requesting Documents:

  • Search PUBMED for citations.
  • Select citations you would like to order by checking the small box to the left of the number.
  • When you are ready, select ORDER from the SEND TO drop down box in the upper right of the page.
  • You will be transferred to the Loansome Doc Login page. LOG IN.
  • Verify your selections.
  • Proceed to your DELIVERY OPTIONS. Adjust or add comments as needed.
  • Check the COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE box. You may only make ONE copy for personal study.
  • REVIEW your order.
  • SEND your order.
  • NOTE: The service does not allow for unfilled requests to be sent to other institutions to fill. If Countway is not able to fill your transaction, we will cancel your request.


  • $18.00 for email
  • $27.00 for faxes

Contact Information for Questions Regarding Loansome Doc Registration, Ordering, Delivery or Billing:

  • Mail: Harvard Library Resource Sharing, Widener Library, 1 Harvard Yard, Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Email:
  • Phone: 617-495-2972
  • Fax: 617-495-2129
  • LIBID or Library identifier: MAUHMS

For questions regarding PUBMED or the NLM gateway contact: