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Open Access Policy

The Countway Library has provided support for the NIH Public Access Policy and the Harvard Open Access Policy since 2008. We have established expertise in understanding the PubMedCentral PMCID# requirements, and are adept at resolving NIH Public Access Compliance issues.

NIH Public Access Policy

There are a number of components to the NIH Public Access Policy which can seem daunting at first. However, remembering the basics, and the 3 important steps that are required to complete the mandatory deposit of NIH supported manuscripts into PubMedCentral, can make the process simple. 

What are these 3 simple steps?

  1. All Harvard paid investigators working under NIH grants should consider how to communicate this requirement to any researcher, postdoc, trainee, and colleague who will be associated with their award. 
  2. Ensure that you pro-actively monitor publication activity which is acknowledging your NIH Grant Number.
  3. Authors entering into copyright or publishing agreements with publishers must reserve sufficient rights to enable full compliance with the NIH Policy. 

More information, FAQs and helpful tutorials can be found at: Harvard University Guidelines for NIH Public Access Policy.

Harvard Medical School Open Access Policy

As of June 18th 2014, all Harvard Faculty members automatically retain a license to freely share their research papers via the Harvard Library's permanent digital archive DASH - Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard. (The full text of the open access policy as adopted by the Harvard Medical School faculty is available online at Harvard's Office for Scholarly Communication).

Author's Advantage

Using this non-exclusive license to your advantage is easy, and Harvard librarians can assist by quickly depositing your papers into the Harvard DASH system. How can the library help?

  • Allow us to work with you or your Administrative Assistant to identify and deposit your research articles into the DASH online digital repository of Harvard scholarship.
  • Call on us to help explain the questions that publishers may have about the Harvard Open Access Policy and compatibility with their contractual demands.
  • Invite us to visit your department and introduce the benefits of the Harvard Open Access Policy and how it can streamline the NIH Public Access Policy and NIH grant compliance work-flows.
  • Discover how to strengthen your rights as an author by using the Harvard Open Access Policy addendum.