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Graphics and statistical tests using R and JMP software

Wed - Aug 30, 2017 10:00am (3 hours)

In this class attendees will have opportunity to learn basic concepts of R and some useful applications of R in research: the ggplot2 graphics and some common statistics tests. This class also exposes attendees with JMP Statistical Discovery Software from SAS. This software provides the complete spectrum of statistics and graphics a student or researcher may encounter. JMP is visual, interactive and dynamic, with a friendly point and click, drag and drop interface. JMP combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics, in memory and on the desktop. Its interactive and visual paradigm enables JMP to reveal insights that are impossible to gain from raw tables of numbers or static graphs

Location Countway Library at Harvard Medical School Lower Level 2, Room 025 Countway Library, Lower Level 2, 025

InstructorGali Reddy, Harvard Catalyst / Countway
Type of ClassBioinformatics - Computing and Software Skills
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This Class has already taken place.

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