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New Search Tool: Countway Discovery Medicine

Countway Discovery Medicine; Now you can search the full text of articles in a variety of databases all at the same time. Try it.

Unlike most databases (e.g. PubMed) Countway Discovery Medicine searches the full text of the PDF journal article rather than just the article title and abstract. The search is also matched against an index of terms (e.g. MeSH). If your keyword matches a term in a paper and also matches, or is a synonym of, a term in the index then that paper will rise in relevance in the results list. Countway Discovery Medicine searches approximately 90% of the full text that Harvard can access and should, theoretically, yield better, more usable results than standard, keyword Pubmed searches. Please let us know if you agree or disagree. Give us feedback via the survey tool provided in the Countway Discovery Medicine interface.